Who’s a GREAT LEAD for Rezults Group?

Who’s a GREAT LEAD for Rezults Group?
Need a change in work, career, etc?

  • Millennials
  • Anyone Under-employed
  • Entrepreneurs
  • AND FINALLY – “Small Business Owner’s”


“Today I’d like to address anyone who needs a change in his or her work. It’s about what I believe to be the main difference between those who do their work with BRILLIANCE and Ease 1  and those who don’t!”  “The former through design, luck or fate, bring their natural power and energy to their work … I call that natural power and energy genius. They also bring to their work a sense that it contributes somehow to something larger than themselves … I call that sense purpose.”

YOU all have a genius – your genius has been a source of success and satisfaction in work you’ve done in the past, and it will be the source of success and satisfaction in your future work. It’s the major factor in determining why some situations feel “just right”, while others feel just awful!

For more than 4 decades I’ve been helping people recognize their geniuses through coaching; personal development; career development; leadership and management training; team building and educational training in the business world as well as personal, spiritual and military settings. The common response to our working together has been the word “PROFOUND” in describing the experience of recognizing their geniuses and the effect it’s had on their lives.

I’ve identified (6) significant advantages to knowing their genius:

  • Stronger sense of identity
  • Clearer sense of direction
  • Increased confidence
  • Language to communicate the value you can add
  • Satisfaction and productivity in your work
  • Sense of personal harmony

Why do I do this?

When I was a boy of ~ 14 I loved football, I dreamed of being like Jim Brown the famous Hall of Fame Fullback for the Cleveland Browns … I told my neighbor this one day (he was an Army Captain at the time and a college football star in his day) he said let’s check you out … he weighed and measured me, had me run 40 yards against a stop watch; had me catch a football he threw many times; had me thrown many passes to him and he finally told me something that broke my heart – “Son you’re NO FULLBACK!” I would have cried except I was too proud … then he said looking me straight in my eyes “YOU ARE A QB!” “Really I replied?” “Yes,” he said “and you’ll play college ball too – TRUST ME!”  I was in heaven at that moment … it literally changed my life (he’d discovered my genius) He didn’t call it that, but that’s what it was.  From that day forward I’ve found myself helping others “find their genius” and the rewards for me have been incredible and for those I’ve worked with even more significant.

BTW … the next year I entered high school, I played QB, I started my last (2) yrs; I was recruited to play QB at U of South Dakota and started my freshman yr; played several games on the  Varsity my sophomore yr before sustaining a career ending knee injury (roughing the kicker, tore my ACL among other ligaments in that knee)

What do we do?

Work with individuals, teams, departments, etc to identify their genius and purpose in their lives. Align their natural attributes, skills and talents with their “job descriptions” and if they are NOT in alignment, adapt and change the “job description” or change the job!

How do we do this?

We have a world class assessment tool; we integrate several books with exercises that “zero-in” on your natural talents; identify your best attributes; help you list 100+ dreams (those dreams you expect to accomplish in your life) and develop the skill set to “SET and ACHIEVE” those dreams thru “Goal Planning” using our “GPS” system

Interested in finding out more? Give me a call or text to 801.560.9945 … the 1st visits on us!

  1. Dick Richards ~ “Is your Genius at Work 4 Key questions to ask (Davies-Black Publishing (c) 2005)
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