What company or business do you dream of starting? Are you now, or do you wish to become or have you been a Leader? What does Leadership mean to you?

Warning – If these questions aren’t exciting you … then I’m sorry, this message and this website are not for you.

I’ve heard the cliché – “We have an overabundance of managers and a lack of leaders.” Why would this be the case? More than likely it’s due to “micro-management.” We live in such a self-imposed structure of perfection that from birth we’re molded, trained, and expected to live up to every expectation from parents, teachers, coaches, managers, supervisors, executives and owners that we seem to need continuous feedback and evaluation from “everybody!” I don’t know what the DSM would “classify” those of us with the preceding characteristics as [The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) is the standard classification of mental disorders used by mental health professionals] but trust me they have a name for it! I think I’m a “founding member” of this group, and years ago I decided to find a better way to lead my life than follow the dictates of others.

Follow me, if you will, down this rabbit hole for an exciting journey of self-exploration. We will discover what many know and describe as their authentic talents. We will uncover your values (not the ones prescribed by your parents, siblings and teachers in your early developing years) and you will answer the question, “How’s that working for you now?” If like me, your answer was, “not so good” then we change.

Finally, if you’re looking for an answer to those three questions I posed above – here’s the news: I DON’T HAVE ANY. YOU DO. That’s my challenge to you … the answers exist, you will find them, my job is to ASK the right questions, create a safe environment for you to explore these topics and guide you along this path of “self-discovery”

What does it cost? If you have to ask, you can’t afford it!! I’ll share this with you though, that it’s not enough to think about a monetary cost … think in terms of emotional costs; time commitments; dreams never achieved; endless second guessing yourself; failed relationships; failed businesses; you get my point, this process will bring you into alignment with your natural talents, you will figuratively be swimming down steam, your outcomes will increase dramatically and you will know joy.

Here’s what one of my clients had to say:

I came to you overwhelmed, depressed, without drive or passion … I felt hopeless. This program (or let’s refer to its formal name) – “Leadership Development” that you have worked with me on weekly for the past year has completely changed my life. I know exactly what I want in life – professionally and personally (and I know how to get there and what obstacles I will have to face) I invested time, money and energy – but got back 10 times in return
–Nicole Joy, Marketing Director Sandy Area Chamber of Commerce, Sandy, UT