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“Life by Design” or as some perceive it "Life Coaching" - to me is

“When you’re you (your authentic self) – and you’re aligned with your values – You can’t be Beat!”

Some call it, “in the zone,” others say “brilliance,” regardless I’m calling it “genius.” Genius in the sense that the work, or project, or an activity you’re involved in, appears to others observing you, to be completely effortless and perfect! Bottom line the ease of a person’s work has little to do with the nature of the work itself, instead it’s the alignment of your genius with the work you’re doing.

Here at Rezults Group, we’ll help you (if you’re looking,) to change and/or improve your activities (be it work, projects, or your life) we’re talking about getting the Rezults you desire … the difference between those who work with brilliance, and ease and those who do not. The former, through design, luck, or fate, bring their natural power and energy to their work. We call that natural power and energy genius. When in alignment, they bring to their work a sense that it contributes somehow to something larger than themselves. We call that sense purpose.

Without doubt, you are currently getting “results” in your life … the question is are they the “results” you want, that you’ve “designed” or are you getting “results” by default? If you want your work and career and your life to resonate with your natural power and purpose, you need to find a match between what is out there in the world of possibility and what is with you. Your genius is at the core of what is with you. I hope to help you understand that core. To be “real” in everyday activities – to align your genius with all your endeavors, “swim downstream” for a change and double your daily output in half the time!