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Willard from Rezults Group – Life by Design Answered this on December 10, 2020

Sharing my “Goal Achievement” system and process with as many “Goal Setting” individuals and organizations as I can – you see in my opinion we’re a Nation of “World Class goal setters” BUT not a Nation of “World Class goal achievers” Here’s to a wonderful 2020 for all!

Willard from Rezults Group – Life by Design Answered this on August 20, 2020

Price, Price or Price … WELL too many people know the PRICE of everything BUT the VALUE of nothing!  One can be competitive on (2) of these items ~ Price, Quality, Service but NOT ALL THREE … ask good questions, find out where the prospective business stands among those (3) items and choose wisely … Caveat Emptor

Willard from Rezults Group – Life by Design Answered this on August 06, 2019

Years ago ~ 1973 I was being trained to become a Financial Stock Broker by Ross Perot along with 100 others … he told us all the “easiest guy to talk with in a Company is the TOP Guy and therefore he REQUIRED us to set an appointment with a CEO of a fortune 500 Company and visit with them or else we would NOT graduate from his training program (he did accept VP’s as well as CEO’s) I secured an appointment with the Sr. VP of Texaco at the time and came away believing Perot’s theory ~ “Start at the Top and visit “face to face.” After our 6 month training  I moved from LA (where the training was held) to Decatur IL. My 1st client there was a VP with A. E. Staley, Inc from a “face-to-face” mtg and thus began my securities career.  As a career it was great, I ultimately started my own Securities Firm in the 1980’s and most of my clients were from “cold calling” face-to-face as I walked the streets in the business sections of those towns I chose to do business in. You’ll have to accept the fact that that style WORKS … YEP it’s “Old School” but it works and in a World today of tweets, FB, Google, etc it’s also REFRESHING !! ((perhaps I’m not as much a “purirst” as I once was BUT ZOOM is a close second to knocking on a door … it provides the physical “face-to-face” element and for me it works! Good luck in what ever method you use … one last Perot story, ” There were two Buzzards sitting on a high wire overlooking the vast valley below, they were hungry because nothing was dying, one said to the other, “I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of waiting for something to die, I’m going to go KILL something!” Action always keeps the “belly full” – waiting for someone to “respond to your social media marketing” is like the guy sitting inside a Chinese restaurant with his mouth wide open, awaiting Peking Duck to fly into it … he will experience L O N G periods of hunger!! Best of everything to you … Willard

Willard from Rezults Group – Life by Design Answered this on April 30, 2019

I too share your “life’s experience” … in 2003 my wife died in a day 5 days after Chemo; my coach and I working together pledged to help me get my “desk cleared” it was going on for about two months; David finally said, “Bill what’s going on?” I replied, “it’s still here … 4-5 piles of STUFF” “Pick up one right now and start to sort it out,” “Nope just stuff,”  GET another one … “ok” – “Woe, this is not my stuff, it’s Shari’s … ” I started to well up, I couldn’t speak without breaking up,”  David asked me ~ What is it? It’s Shari’s stuff … he said that’s it! “YOU’RE NOT READY to put Shari away … I started to cry, he was right; my sub-conscious knew what was on my desk and it was protecting me. Our next weeks visit was completely different, I’d sorted all my “piles’ I’d placed Shari’s on her desk, I’d freed myself, allowed myself to understand that cleaning out my office and my desk WAS NOT cleaning out Shari from my life, my desk or my heart … that was 16 yrs ago … since then my business was able to survive, in fact thrive … I’ve had several clients who had similar circumstances that from my experience I was able to help … My suggestion to you might include – “cleaning out your desk”  God Bless you; my prayers to you and your family and your business for a healthy recovery from such an enormous loss … Love, Bill

Willard from Rezults Group – Life by Design Answered this on April 23, 2019

We’ve been using a very effective assessment tool that is a combination of (3) assessments – it provides the employer an accurate picture of “what, who and how.” the prospective employee will perform in a 30 min de-brief, that otherwise would take 6 months of actual observation to determine.  If you’re interested in learning more, please reach out call me at 801-560-9945 ~ tell me you’ve read these FAQ’s and I’ll provide you a 25% discount.

Willard from Rezults Group – Life by Design Answered this on April 03, 2019

I’m pleased to say I’m doing very well in that aspect of my life; working with my clients, however,  I notice they are struggling with a common issue – “SELF TALK” far too many are quick (almost by default) to blame themselves, “I’m stupid, I can’t do this or that, I’ll never be able too … on and on … my take – “The next great frontier to conquer is ourselves.” Best of everything to you, think Good thoughts about yourself and watch the difference in your results ~ It’ll amaze you!

Willard from Rezults Group – Life by Design Answered this on March 04, 2021

From my experience being completely honest tell the truth with –

  1. a) one-self;
  2. b) with others;
  3. c) listen to learn (not to reply immediately) and
  4. d) clarify what you are hearing before jumping to any conclusion!

A personal mission statement defines your purpose in life. It also explains your identity and values. In essence, it’s a statement about who you are and how you will live

To pursue excellence using precise moderation. Do what is right and do it the right way with humility and integrity and with commitment to leading a good life. To illuminate, create and inspire justice for people who need it with people who believe in it.

Life coaches can help you clarify your goals, identify the obstacles holding you back, and then come up with strategies for overcoming each obstacle

A life coach encourages and counsels clients on a range of professional and personal issues. Life coaching is distinct from giving advice, consulting, counseling, mentoring and administering therapy. You hire a coach to help you with specific professional projects, personal goals and transitions.