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"The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity."
- Amelia Earhart
Years ago, Willard “Bill” was sitting on a tractor at his family’s 1000+ acre tomato farm. The farm had been in the family for over 150 years at that point. Daily he would watch airliners leave from the Philadelphia International Airport and climb quickly into the heavens. One night, at 11 years of age at the time, he announced proudly at the dinner table, “I’m going to be a pilot and fly airliners into the heavens!” His mother fired back, “You’re a farmer, your grandfather is a farmer, the Kille’s have farmed here since the mid-1800’s – THAT’S what you are young man!” Bill knew enough NOT to bring that topic back up…but his decision to act was made up in his mind, and like Amelia Earhart – “The rest is merely tenacity.”

My flying career began in 5th grade; I was selected to ride along in a small plane and help map the elementary school’s plot. I took my first lesson after graduating high school, and in college, I joined the U.S. Marine Corps (U.S.M.C.) and ultimately become a Naval Aviator flying F-4’s in the late ‘60s into the mid-‘70s (Goal Achieved).

Become a “Master Goal Achiever," is the objective, setting Goals is a 1st step, with our system you'll proceed beyond "setting" to "achieving" every time. Our Life Coaching centers on that premise ~ "Becoming a Master Goal Achiever." Looking back, my life has unfolded in concert with my Goals and the system we use will enable you to do the same.

I graduated from the University of South Dakota, having received a full athletic scholarship, majoring in mathematics with minors in engineering and French.

"If you don't take the time to work on creating the life you want, you're eventually going to be spending a lot of time dealing with a life you don't want."

As Founder of The Rezults Group, Inc, I established myself as a Financial Planner beginning my career with E.I. duPont, Glore Forgan & Co under the helm of H. Ross Perot; ultimately founding and creating my own brokerage firm, “Entirety, Inc” in 1985 – specializing in living trusts, asset protection, retirement planning, insurance, and wealth management. I've worked with thousands of clients (families, individuals, businesses, and local governments) assisting them to achieve their financial goals and reduce taxes. Setting and achieving goals has always been our focus with all my clients. I sold the brokerage firm in 2000 and founded my coaching firm, The Rezults Group, Inc in 2001, providing leadership development, time management, and goal setting & GOAL ACHIEVEMENT for entrepreneurs, sole proprietors, and Chamber Presidents, etc. as well as developing a Life "Coaching" practice.

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Darryl Russell
The Russell Group
“Willard is an outstanding individual and professional. We have known each other for over 16 years and he is a person I have confidence in and respect for. “
Paul Nielson
Remember Your Role
“He listens to you to make sure he is giving the very best advise for your needs at this point in your business and life. He is a great developer of leaders and people who are wanting to grow and be more successful in life. He cares about people.”
John Bo
John S. Bo, CPA
“Willard Kille with Rezults Group has a well organized program with supporting materials and resources to help individuals realize their potential in their personal life as well as their work life.”
Allen Hughes
“Coaching from someone with real life experience is the best. He is the best!”
John Moffitt
Elvin Web Marketing
“Thoughtful and experienced, Mr. Kille was able to suggest methods and procedures that not only improved my business but improved my life. I highly recommend him.”
Ralph Wright
Grow Small Biz
“Bill is very talented, a great trainer and coach, and a good friend.”
Bruce Warner
Master Multifamily LLC
“Very nice person. Can really help you.”
Tessa Fenn
Thai Siam Restaurants
“I have known Willard Kille of the Rezults Group for many years. He is an extraordinary individual who has a passion for helping people reach their ultimate potential. Willard is very professional & personable. I know many people that have used his coaching & techniques. They have been very successful when applying what they learned with this life coaching! The Rezults Group is highly recommended & they definitely bring the “rezults”! “
Paul Peterson
Professional Plumbing Services
“Willard is.a top notch person. Your life will be better just knowing him.”
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