My colleague Doug Brown of Paradigm Associates, LLC shared a wonderful story with us in his latest newsletter about a woman who runs a National IT Consulting Company and describes herself as a “serial entrepreneur” who has started six companies.  She’s been quoted and honored numerous times. When Doug asked Kim Levin to share how she was able to grow a company that was named to the fastest growing firms list more than five times in a row and qualify for the Hall of Fame, she answered simply. “I always insist on only hiring great people, and then make sure that they are clear about ‘this is what done looks like’ for their project. Then they can go off and execute it.”  Doug stated, “I thought that was brilliant in its simplicity. It also caused me to conclude that when someone is fuzzy about the desired end results, it almost always leads to false starts, wasted time and effort, and disenchantment among the people who are trying to get things accomplished. Avoid disappointment all around. Help people understand what done looks like.”

Fig. 1

As with most “brilliant” statements, the understated, can be profound! [Easily said, difficult to implement]  So if we’re to get to, “this is what done looks like,” do we begin at the end?  Or – do we begin at the beginning?  How about we begin “inside.”  The above figure represents a “process,” it depicts how an Organization or Individual goes about getting results.  Within the layers of Vision, Mission, Critical Success Factors, etc lies the keys to success – on their own they stand firm having passed the test of time – however – when suffused with the “Core Values” we all have, a deeper, richer product is created.  Results from such a blend are what we all desire.

We’ve heard the cliché, “a picture is worth a thousand words.”  Likewise, we’ve heard, “art is in the eye of the beholder.”  In crafting a conversation with your “subordinates” wherein your desire is to convey –“this is what done looks like,” you’d better have a “picture” that others desire to behold!  Where would such a “picture” come from?  It can only come from within and the more you’re in touch with yourself, the clearer the picture you’ll see to convey to others.  Philosophers, for years, have been exploring the concepts of values, attitudes, etc.  In 1914 a German philosopher and psychologist Eduard Spranger published a book, describing his research and observations that led to his identifying six core attitudes and values he found present in every person.  Today we have an “instrument” administered via a web based program that can identify your “core” Attitudes and values.  We call it the “Values Index.”              To reach optimal performance you must understand WHAT natural talents you possess, WHY you are motivated to use them, and HOW you prefer to use them. The Values Index looks at the WHY portion of the What, Why, and How trilogy.  By understanding WHY you are motivated to do things, you are able to better align your environment with what creates the most passion in you.  The Values Index is useful for understanding how to motivate yourself and others by understanding the reasons that drive individuals for success.  In employee development and coaching scenarios, this information is invaluable.  Therein – lie’s the “secret.”  By understanding yourself, your values, attitudes – the WHY, so to speak, of you – you’ll be able to create that “picture” of “This is what done looks like.”  From that point it is then possible to begin to fill in, cascade, and flush out the details of Fig. 1 and craft your personal or Corporate Vision, Mission, Critical Success Factors, Goals and Action Steps all suffused with your very unique Core Values.  The result, as the commercial states is “Priceless!”                        Rezults Group, Inc and its President, Willard Kille, is Certified to administer the “Value Index.”  We are offering a COMPLIMENTARY Values Index now through September 30th for all who qualify [call or email us to discuss the qualifications – a $350 value]

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