Bank robberies are down significantly plummeting over that past 15 years.  What was once a “high -reward … Low -risk” crime is now just the opposite.  Banks have employed guards, sentencing is more strict and the result was as expected – less bank robbery.

Criminals have “adapted” just like viruses and are now immune to the latest tactics used by law enforcement and are now using “cyber techniques” to accomplish their robberies.  Identity theft is up significantly over the same period and the trend is increasing.  The criminals now look at Identity Theft as the “high – reward … low – risk” crime of choice.  Jack Nicas wrote an article for the Wall Street Journal on February 5, 2013 – “Crime That No Longer Pays” … you might peruse it for greater insight.

My solution to this and other cyber crimes is to use the Legal Shield Identity Theft Protection Plan that covers me and my spouse, and for an extra $1.00 it covers all my dependent children under the age of 18 – it differs from all other plans in that it provides “Restoration”, in other words they restore my credit back to its’ pre-breach status.  My accounts are continuously monitored, any activity is reported to me via email and text msg, I check the activity to see if its been generated by me, if not I call an 800 number and begin the fix, restore process – all for $13.95 a month.  It’s that easy to provide you and your loved ones Peace of Mind!  Take a look at what is provided by clicking (more) and if you want assistance in setting up your families protection get in touch with me.