“Got Happiness” … spend a few minutes if you’d like more

Seems to be in short supply today … but I believe too many are seduced by the quest for a “quick” helping of the sensations we call happiness instead of a daily diet of Joy.

Tony Robbins, a fellow Coach posted an article titled “30 Things you need to let go to find Happiness,”

Here’s a “Cliff Notes version” of the article and to view the complete post, please click here.

Philosophers have shared with us for centuries that in order to grow, change, gain, etc … we must make room by eliminating those things holding us back … plainly speaking, “there’s no more room in your closet for another pair of jeans … you need to get rid of something!”

That said, let’s look at some items we might consider eliminating so we’ll have room for happiness or better yet Joy.

  1. Grudges – we’re the only one getting help back by keeping them
  2. Worldly success and greatness are the same
  3. Pride – should be a (4) letter word
  4. Our need to be Certain – if we knew “for certain” where is the thrill of discovery?
  5. Need to be in Control – the downfall of most of us, even ducks have problems with this one
  6. Belief you’ll be rich one day – fact 99% don’t qualify (but 1% of 7 Billion is as large number!)
  7. Insecurity  – give this a try – “I love myself, I love myself, I love myself” stated daily.
  8. Possessiveness – we are ALL free, independent and possess “free agency” to be ourselves, don’t take away another’s !!

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