Reality Driven, Rezults Oriented – Development Coaching for Entrepreneurs, Executives and Adults.

Organizations – top to bottom; Families – young and old; will benefit immediately from our processes.  Increase Focus through

  • Time Management
  • Leadership Development
  • Sales Training
  • Goal Achievement

(All offered in small group facilitations or personally – one on one.)

Mastery of our “Goal Achievement Plan” © will ensure you and all who participate will become  “Master Goal Achievers,”  not just “Master Goal Setters!”  Discovering, articulating and naming your, “Genius,” (that specific trait, talent, gift, etc. endowed from on high specifically to you) will produce these (6) benefits:

  • A stronger sense of Identity
  • A clearer sense of direction
  • An increased confidence
  • A language to communicate the value you can add
  • A satisfaction and productivity in your work
  • A sense of personal harmony

These aspects of our coaching are common within all the Processes we offer.  Your coaching experience is customized to your situation.  After an evaluation of your current circumstances, we’ll begin our Journey – “with the end in mind.”  Together we’ll develop what we call, “Your Perfect … On Purpose Day!”

You possess a unique ability to soar.  You’ve experienced moments when you’ve brought it all together and – “you performed at your Peak Performance!”  Take control of your life and LIVE every day at your  “Peak Potential.”  Build Success Habits … Set & Achieve All your Goals … Dream BIG Dreams … Live as you’ve always imagined.  BREAKING OUT ON TOP

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With over 5000 hours of flight time in Fighters, Transports, and Trainers that I’ have  flown in the US  Military and Civilian arenas, with many flights beginning in weather conditions that were marginable (cloudy, overcast, stormy, etc)   after “take-off” I knew it would lead to that point when the aircraft slips through the clouds and “breaks out” into the clear blue skies above … this experience never became routine; hence the title of this seminar “Breaking Out on Top” – you owe it to yourself  to experience it!

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