You’re “In this Game” whether you want to be or not

Dear Friends:

Governments have been part of our world for over 20,000 years. There are always ‘those’ who “know better or best” (legends in their own minds) than the average person. The saying, “Power corrupts … absolute Power Absolutely Corrupts” is as real today as it was when 1st penned. Many of YOU are busy living your lives, raising children, building retirement nest eggs, creating businesses, etc.  While you go about your lives there are those who are building their Empires, Power, Political status, etc – they are what’s referred to as the “Deep State”

you hear about; they have infiltrated our government at every level and are very well ensconced in those positions.  They want your money, your efforts, your businesses and your vote or support to maintain their positions and they do a lot of different things to get it … in recent times (last 100 yrs or so) they’ve created  what we know as the “Federal Reserve System” and this is where it all began, along with leaving the “Gold Standard” in 1971 and we have today’s World and my friend Bill Bonner of his Bonner’s Diary of July 7, 2017 (see here) explains what is going on, what it means for us, and why we need to “pay attention” for if we don’t – Freedom as we’ve come to know it could become a footnote in history.

Being aware of and educated to these issues will greatly affect your life and your children’s and grandchildren’s. I strongly recommend you read these articles … failing to do so will be like as they say, “one more nail in the coffin”

Knowledge is Power …

To your future ~ may it be everything you can imagine

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