Populism * Republicans * Democrats – who SURVIVES ?

There’s a “storm” coming What do you see?

If you only get through pg 2 of this article by the hedge fund Bridgewater Associates you’ll see a correlation between the 30’s and today … as a reminder the 30’s gave us WWII [another article – The White working class death-rate is going to be elevated for a generation – adds even more sobering realities of current circumstances here in America ]

Between these (2) articles are some very interesting and disturbing insights, seems we have the ingredients for a very troubling period of unrest, conflict, and more of what we’ve been witnessing from our “news outlets” these past few years.  It’s playing out on a World Wide stage and the “Lead Actors” as of yet have not all been cast, although we have President Trump, Russia has Putin, etc

One thing is for sure , the Ostrich solution is not a viable option!  What is our solution? I believe it’s this : “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”― Mahatma Gandhi

Our approach ~“Rezults Group – Life by Design” may provide some workable solutions against the seemingly endless drum beat of despair.


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