My Christmas gift to you – “say something”

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“Say Something … I’m giving up on you”  a powerful song  by ~ A Great Big World and sung with Christina Aguilera transcends emotions (past and present) and soars into our futures.  Many of us will recall a love of our past; others will live in the moment and succor ourselves when faced with the greatest pain, the pain of indifference and hopefully we’ll all discover a brighter future.

One of the sweeter comments found in the posts I perused of this song was a woman named Selena who connected her thoughts to religion, and specifically God.  She, like many of us, felt abandoned, her prayers unanswered, unrequited love, despair … she ultimately walked away from God , closing her post with, “I’m too religious.”

I don’t agree with her conclusion, not only does God “not give up on us” he allows us to explore our circumstances to their fullest. We’ve heard since childhood, God answers prayers in his time frame, not ours.  My experience is his time frame can be very long, and sometimes there might not be an answer, indicating “it’s ours to decide,” not that God doesn’t care, he gives us what can be called agency, the ability to decide for ourselves.  This can be very scary, wouldn’t we all like to be absolved from responsibility, but alas, the world operates under different rules.  We are responsible for ourselves, our decisions (and no decision is a decision) and we have the opportunity to learn from these experiences.

As I reflect on the lyrics, the hauntingly simple melody, the minor key with all its power, it allows me to drift into the deep recesses of my mind and face those moments when I found myself face to face with personally significant decisions … I’ve failed in many of them; the pain, then and now is real and almost unbearable.  Stripped of pride, arrogance, anger and control I can see now a different lyric is in order “Say something … I’m giving up on you,” isn’t using the proper pronoun … “I’m giving up on me” would be more accurate.  It was my pride, my stubbornness that separated me from them and I tried to protect me from me and place the burden on them.

In the quiet space we are all capable of getting to – honest, open and receptive a song like this, can open our hearts and allow the love to suffuse our entire being.  In these ephemeral moments we truly see the hand of God in our lives, we feel his boundless love, we forgive ourselves and like the final lyric in the song we can indeed … “say something” …

My love for all of you who take the time to read this post is like the peeling of an onion, it’s an amazing journey … the aroma is palpable and the tears cleansing.

Merry Christmas

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