How do you see yourself in 2014?

Who do you see 1st?

Look at this picture closely … what do you see?  Keep looking – do you see the other woman?  I’m sure you’ll find them both … just as you would if you look at yourself as closely! (Don’t we all have at least (2) sides to our nature?

Goals – there’s (2) sides to them: Set and accomplished or Set and abandoned!  What’s your percentage year in and year out?

At this time of the year you’ll hear people publish their “New Year’s Resolutions” to the office … many if not all will be abandoned by Valentine’s Day a mere 45 days into the year!  Why? My experience with clients is that they don’t have the necessary ingredients, systems or procedures to follow to achieve success.  Successful goal setting and more importantly successful goal achievement takes forethought and follow through … you’ll need a system and you’ll need discipline to stick to the tasks.

It’s important to understand the obstacles we’ll face along the way – here’s a list (not comprehensive) of the land mines we can encounter:

  • Lack of belief in yourself
  • No sustained Support
  • Too much concern with Fear of Failure
  • Too much concern with Fear of Success
  • Poor Organization
  • Lack of defined action steps
  • “Failure to launch,” – not taking action

Perhaps in 2013 you focused on things that you thought were important but they didn’t turn out to be what you expected. As a result, last year went away without you being any closer to your goals. I know that’s happened to me before…

Your goals didn’t seem to matter as much as the fires that “needed” to put out. As a result, you and I are another year older with nothing new to show for it. This year, let’s change this – shall we?

  • Let’s live in a world of constant and never ending improvement.
  • Let’s toss the status quo out the window.
  • Let’s kick conformity and complacency to the curb.
  • Let’s find out what we’re BEST at and live our dreams through them.
  • Let’s promise to let our clients, friends, family and fans know how great they are in 2014!

I wouldn’t take you down this path if I didn’t have something in mind! The Solution – “My Perfect on Purpose Plan” we call it MP³

A significant piece of this plan is the “Perfect on Purpose Day” click here to see what I’m talking about;  this Plan when followed, with support (Coaching) and implemented will convert you into becoming my favorite type of person – you’ll become a “Master Goal Achiever” (leaving all the rest, the “Master Goal Setters – in the dust)

Here’s to your 2014 !!!

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