We all need to have a reliable system to track our appointments, activities and events.  I find it makes no discernable difference whether it is a note pad, yellow sticky notes, a full page Day Planner from any of the numerous vendors (Franklin Covey, Day Runner, etc), smart phones, MS Outlook … whatever device you use the key is USE it!

Once that system is in place and understood and diligently utilized then one advances to the tracking and categorizing of the activities … many identify items along A B C lines, or must do’s, should do’s etc.  The prioritization process then becomes the foundation for utilization of time throughout the day.  Here is where many find the system I provide useful.  Just this morning as I met with Mike Carroll of Mike Carroll Productions (Cestcop.com) Salt Lake city, UT he was explaining how the time management system he was using wasn’t translating into real goal achievement.  His frustration was further compounded by the fact that he said he knew he was “on-time” but not “on-task.”

My system embodies all the techniques needed to successfully manage our time allotments – appointments, meetings, tasks, etc but goes beyond that and incorporates a true goal achievement process.  For many the day planner becomes the proverbial “To-Do List” and as important as that is it falls short when we review our day’s activity and notice an item or two still isn’t accomplished.  My system tracks how many times you “slide” an event into tomorrow.  Once an event has slid three times it gets flagged and then we utilize what I call our GPS.  Not the GPS that assists you to navigate through town but the GPS (Goal Planning System) that assists you to navigates to your Goal!

See Figure 1 and notice that the GPS has 10 steps.  Once you’ve been introduced to the system and learn how to use it you’ll find goal achievement becomes predictable, reliable and sustainable.  Our Annual Goals Review process incorporates the GPS system and many have found it very useful to start their year or to re-ignite their passion during the year.  We’d love to introduce you to this system and invite you to reply for a complimentary introduction to the program.

Here’s to a successful calendar and to goals that you achieve!  Have a great day …