NOT an easy question nor answer. WE know for instance “every stick has two ends” you cannot pick up a stick and not pick up the other end as well.  I’ve helped many find “success” in Goal Setting  using my “GPS” ~ “Goal Planning System” … SO WHY WOULD I PROVIDE YOU this information on “Fear Setting” ??

  • You received this because I believe it may help you, as it’s helped others, to mitigate this real entity we call FEAR
  • You received this because you may know someone who might benefit from this

In his TED Talk ~ Tim Ferriss in ~ 12 min. reveals how it saved his life – literally.  My hope is this video will “balance” your thinking, ie., help you remember there is another end to the stick of Goal Setting … I do refer to that end of the stick in my “GPS” (see attached copy of the sheet) wherein item # 3 has you list the consequences of NOT accomplishing the Goal and then listing of “Possible Obstacle” (which in Tim’s video would be the fear defined in his Page 1 exercise) BUT to my fault I’ve not focused on that aspect as deeply as Tim does and from now on I WILL.

Tim presents a compelling narrative on his success with this concept … may it help you and others you love do likewise.