Are you looking for Happiness in your Life, Work, Home?

For many years in my life, I was. Or was I? I think I was “looking for love in all the wrong places” … as a popular song reminds us.

What I was looking for was “Meaning” … I believe we all are looking for meaning and purpose in our lives. I’ve found an excellent TED talk on the subject I’d like to share with you; it’s only 12 minutes long ~ it’s by Emily Esfahani Smith and it’s titled, “There’s more to Life than being Happy”

I hope you enjoy it.

Here at Rezults Group, Inc we have developmental processes that enable our clients and customers and prospects to “embrace” this line of thinking and I’d invite you, if interested, to check out our web site

Thank you, and best of everything in your quest for a “More meaningful Life”

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