Is “Life Coaching” for you?

Initial Questions we explore with Coaching Prospects


  • Do you find yourself, “needing to prove yourself?” … Our suggestion is to “Improve Yourself”

We’ve discovered when you change your lens (just like on a camera) you can change your life – it’s your perspective that determines the outcomes you achieve.  We’ve all heard the platitude – “Achieve Balance in your Life!”   It is a popular cliché, that said, we believe that you should try “Blend vs. Balance” in your life.  For years I’ve loved to watch birds at the shorelines of lakes, rivers, oceans, etc., and have noticed some things that help me and many others in life … quit flapping and soar and you’ll observe your stress dissipating as you glide along with the currents of your surroundings.

  • When seeking solutions to your personal or professional circumstances, do you find your thoughts are “Wandering Generalities vs. Meaningful Specifics?

“There are known knowns — there are things we know we know. We also know there are known unknowns — that is to say, we know there are some things we do not know. But there are also unknown unknowns, the ones we don’t know we don’t know.” ~ Donald Rumsfeld.  As unique as our issues, solutions, and futures are there are “proven solutions” to our enigmas … we use a “four-pane window” graphic to lead us through the journey we call getting from “Unconscious Incompetence” to “Unconscious Competence

 What do you want to do? What do you want to have?  What do want to share with the World?

 Some will look at those three (3) questions and describe them as the “trifecta” of life. We’ve been asked those questions (or iterations thereof) by our parents, our teachers, and hopefully by ourselves for years … and we’ll add “a kicker’ – W H Y!  Over the many years we’ve been Coaching those three questions wrapped with a neat bow of WHY leads to success. We’ve all been through the crucible to “trial and error” and we’ve found out cuts and bruises heal.  That said, Albert Einstein told us, “The same level of thinking that got you into this problem; Can’t get you out of that problem.” History is full of examples of those who, out of frustration,  “Give Up” … IF they don’t give up, they give in! They “settle” for outcomes they could have “stood up against” … “If you fight FOR your limitations – YOU GET TO KEEP THEM!” Let’s look at that last statement again … IF you fight for your limitations ~ when you give in and say, I can’t do that, or it can’t be done, or that’s not how I was raised, etc” – then – you’ve given up, given in, quit, walked away – in other words, you’ve consigned yourself to failure. BUT (and you know what that is in our language – a “coordinating conjunction” used to connect ideas that contrast) in everyday language it means “erase everything previous to it. BUT, you don’t have to take that path … we’re here to help, we know you have the ability to change outcomes you’re not satisfied with; You don’t need to prove … you need to improve and that’s what Rezults Group, Inc is all about. Proven process, years of experience, patience, understanding, standing with you, side-by-side ~ “not with answers” instead, with support … we hold you accountable and you “Become the person you want to become” You’ll answer those (3) questions, you’ll know your “WHY” and life will be “your creation” “your goals” and “your outcomes”

  • Are you happy? – what’s your answer to that question right now?

  “Fantastic, but getting better” “Superb but still improving” Regardless of whether you are happy or not. Stay positive, but focus on improving, not where you are. Also “positivity won’t help you do anything, but it will help you do everything, better than negativity will.” ~ Zig Ziglar