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As a Math Major in College I was introduced to many interesting /.”equations” … some easier than others to understand.  The equation below fits the “harder to understand than many” category! I’d love to walk you through the concept; I’m sure you’ll find it useful and worth your time. It’s my “GIFT” to YOU! no obligations, simply another approach to success you may find useful in your business. It’ll take no more than 15 minutes and hopefully you’ll agree with me it can be the foundation of how to double (2X’s) your income in 1/2 the time you currently spend!  Reach out at 801.560.9945 (text msgs accepted) or CALL TODAY !!

A (S+K)+G > PBC = IR (o,p) vb ~ 88%b f(c) 
IR (o,p) – Improved Results (org, personal) 
PBC – Positive Behavioral Change 
(s+k) – Skills & Knowledge 
A –Attitude 
vb – values&beliefs 
88%b f(c) 88% below the level of consciousness 
We start out by asking what actual results (IR) our clients want to achieve in their organizational and personal lives. If you want improved results you’ll have to do something differently] We next identify what Positive Behavioral Changes (PBC) you’ll need to implement in your life. Wouldn’t you agree that in order to achieve improved results you’ll need to behave differently? Study after study has proven that having clearly defined goals allows people to focus their energy allowing for easy adoption of the behavior changes needed to successfully complete their goals as well as maintain the sustained effort that will be required.