Here is a list I have put together of the Ten Secrets to Success that Work in Life or Business.

1.  Be Passionate.  What compels you to be in this business?  For me it’s to “Awaken Solutions”   within myself and others;  to carry on the dream of my wife Shari who died fighting breast cancer;  to touch lives with understanding and poise.

2.  Have a WILL not a wish … to be successful

3.  Crazy tenacity … focus on the right thing

4.  Learn to seek out & take “good” advice

5.  Develop Physical & Spiritual health and stamina  [making appointments with yourself]

6.  Measure Success and Happiness [NOT by $]  Develop continuous Joy from service and  compassion expressed to others … making a difference in others lives as well as myself!

7.  Put your EGO in check

8.  Look at your business [and your life] as an outsider and be honest with yourself

9.  Aim for “success” not “perfection”

10.  Have Fun!

Shari used an acronym – JAM your life!  Pack as much Joy Achievement and Meaning into your life as possible.  She focused on and worked with  “women in business”  and held seminars around the Salt Lake Area.

Today our focus here at Rezults Group, Inc is to “Awaken Solutions” within all whom we work with.  It includes JAM ‘ing your life; it includes creating “World Class Goal Achievers” [vs. World Class Goal Setters!];  it includes identifying and naming “your genius and purpose” in life … “genius”  being that exceptional  talent your were blessed with from on high;  balancing your professional and personal life and finally creating what I call your “perfect on purpose day” allowing you to truly live a goal centered life!

Many call our approach “Coaching” or more specifically  “Life Coaching” … business executives like to name it Consulting … whatever you choose to call it … our approach produces REZULTS.  Lives change, bottom lines improve, dreams come true … people become “better” in every sense of the word and we all intuitively understand “better people make better workers” and “better workers produce better results” … whether our approach is directed at a “for profit” business, a sports team or individuals the results are the same … we have  proven processes and systems and that’s what I’ve discovered in my 40+ years of business experience works – Processes and Systems!

What dreams are you on the verge of achieving?  [have you been on that “verge” for years?]

What does success look like to you?

Let’s get together and develop  your “genius” … let’s focus on your purpose.  Commit to yourself today to reach your full potential … no excuses!  I’m here for you and look forward to “Awakening Solutions” that benefit you and your business.