Believe   –   Become!

I’ve heard many people express this sentiment, “I’ll believe that … when I see it!”  It could refer to a change in behavior in someone else, or your favorite 2-15 team winning the Play-off, etc.

In my opinion they have it all wrong!  It should be, “When I believe itI’ll see it!”

That subtle twist takes responsibility and places it on your shoulders instead of you being able to put responsibility on someone else’s shoulders.  Plus it forces you to have a positive outlook, use your faith in yourself and become the “Master of your own ship.” The former statement, “I’ll believe it when I see it,” typically comes from people who live in the town of “Hopeium” … and we all know how they turn out!!

It takes a lot of discipline to take personal responsibility, especially in the goals you set (the – I’ll believe it when I see it) applies to us and our goals as well as to others and their outcomes.

My advice – step up and be responsible for your outcomes.

Self – talk is a very important part of our success, and allowing ourselves to slip, so to speak, and put us or others down with such statements is counterproductive.  “Self-talk” in my opinion, is the frontier to success.  We spend a lot of time talking to ourselves, thinking about what we’ve done, what we could have done, what we should have done and these “would ‘a, could ‘a, should ‘as have never helped any of us.  STOP IT!  Believe in yourself and Become the person / friend / leader / etc you know you are.

Communication with yourself and with others is the key to success … better understanding, honest dialog, candid feedback, truthful analysis will always serve you and the people in your business/community/home/etc. better.

I never said it will be easy, in fact it won’t be.  But as they say, “It will be worth it.”

How are you communicating with others?  How do they “take you”?  Do you know??  Would you like to find out how others do take you, or understand you?  If you want to find this out, I can help.  Click here and follow the instructions – you’ll receive a personalized 20+ page report on how you’re doing.  If you’d like my experience in deciphering your report simply fwd the report to my email address – and we’ll set up a time to provide you a complimentary de-brief that will take 25-30 minutes.

Here’s to better communications, better self-talk, and better outcomes!